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 Going from red to blue team Empty Going from red to blue team

Tue Jul 19, 2022 9:53 am
You are allowed to seek at any time.

It is not allowed to spectate a hider, join the blue team, and then kill the person because you've seen his location.
Admins will take actions such as forceteam to prevent you from killing the hider.

If you didn't see a hiders spot yet still get forceteamed for this reason, you may report this as this is considered abuse, and plz no more from the cheating and destroyed you can fun with our server like you want but don't use the cheating shity and let's enjoys ya buddys, and don't ask for promotion if you did it you will take the kicked, don't spamming plz until not take mute, don't insults or spit btw you will be muted too for all time okay guys


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